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Free MUST HAVE First Home Owners Guide


Home Buying Essentials Guidebook

Everything You Need To Know When Buying and/or Financing Your Home, Including…

  • Applying For And Choosing The Right Loan
  • Borrowing Essentials
  • Costs
  • Know Your Entitlements
  • Insurances
  • Govt Assistance
  • and much more

Your Step-By-Step Guidebook with the Questions You Will Need To Answer And The Information You Need To Know
So Your Mortgage Application Will Be Approved!

If you want to own a home, whether:

  • This is a First Time Home Loan
  • Your Current Mortgage Is Due For A Refinance
  • Or You’ve Sold Your Home And Are Either Upsizing Or Downsizing

The “Home Buying Essentials Guidebook” is an invaluable resource to understand the process.

We’ll also include our Consumer Guide, “Boost Your Borrowing Power”

Mortgage Approval Information You Need To Know.

Every lender or bank has a different way of calculating how much you can borrow, and some can have a more favourable credit policy than others.

And there is a significant variation between lenders and banks in the amount they can lend, in particular for a first home buyer.

Your current bank may not be the best option for you when it comes to accessing the maximum from your borrowing capacity to buy your first home or renewing your mortgage.

Which then may cause you to miss out on that ideal property because you were $20,000 short.
And so, if you’d like to find out what the real maximum amount is that you can borrow relative to your financial circumstances, then you really need to talk to a specialist like Alex or Michelle at Our Mortgage Options.

We can answer all your questions with a 10 minute call via telephone or zoom, at a time that suits you, and I’m sure that you will be surprised and delighted with the information that I give you

The federal government, in its recent budget, announced three measures to make it easier for Australians to enter the market.

First, the government introduced the Family Home Guarantee, which is aimed at single parents with dependants. The government will guarantee 10,000 loans over the next four years, so eligible single parents can buy a property with a deposit of just 2%. The Family Home Guarantee is open to both first home buyers and previous owner-occupiers.

Second, the government has expanded the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme (New Homes), providing an additional 10,000 places in 2021-22. Eligible first home buyers who want to build or buy a new home will be able to do so with just a 5% deposit.

Third, the government made it easier for people to save for their first home, by increasing the amount of voluntary contributions that can be released under the First Home Super Saver Scheme, from $30,000 to $50,000.

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